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Practical Issues for Animal Rights Activists

The lives of animals are in your hands

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Examples of the articles

Practical FAQ

  Animal Rights FAQs (#26-32) on practical issues

Yours To Do

  Cruel & Cruelty-Free corporations and charities. Voting issues, Green Parties, Senators, candidates. Letter writing campaigns, ideas for effective communication. Promotional advertisements that may be copied. 10 Things You Can Do To Make The Next Century Better For Animals. Things you can do alone, or in groups. Essays on activism.

Vegetarianism, Veganism, and food products from animal abusers.

FAQs about companion animals. Pet Care -- Diets, adoption, advise, funny bits, facts, essays. Pet Loss -- Rainbow Bridge. Finding lost pets. Euthanasia and pet loss. Pet stories, quotes, information, miscellaneous.

Fishing, hunting, fur trapping.

FAQs about animals used in entertainment. Circuses. Cockfighting. Dogfighting. Rodeos. Zoos. Dog racing, horse racing, the Iditarod.

Factory Farming FAQs (#48-59). Movies and photos about Duck farming. Battery hens. Geese used for foie gras. Articles about how dairy and beef cows live. Undercover investigations.


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