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  Meat History -- A Short Meat-Oriented History of the World from Eden to the Mattole, by Alexander Cockburn   Meat History -- part 2 -- part 3 -- part 4
  Beef Facts -- The Beef Diet -- startling health facts from a reknown doctor. Beef Quotable Quotes -- health, the environment, hunger, and animal suffering. Articles: SARS: Another Deadly Virus From the Meat Industry by Michael Greger, M.D.  Beyond Beef: Q&A about Beef.
  Planet -- Includes articles and facts from "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins.
  Veg*nism &
Vegetarian Links

Articles / websites

  Meat Consequences -- The Inevitable Consequences of Eating Meat. Famine and disease follow 150 years of denuding the Earth. : link
  Harvested Meat -- Jan 2006. New Harvest: Advancing Meat Substitutes.
  In-Vitro Meat -- Essay by Rina Deych
  Food Debate -- Oct 2005. Debate Offers Food For Thought
  Meat Tumor -- Oct 2005. Non-human Molecule Absorbed by Eating Red Meat and Dairy Generates an Immune Response Against the Molecule. (Study by UCSD Researchers)

  Dairy ads --
Is The Dairy Industry the New McDonalds?
  Eat Less Meat --
To Cut Fat, Eat Less Meat, By Sally Squires
  Prostrate Cancer -- Aug 10, 2005. Lifestyle changes may halt prostate cancer, study says
  Food Facts
  No Milk Page -- list of web pages with information on milk
.  Article: White Poison: The Horrors of Milk by Shanti Rangwani.  Anti Dairy Coalition Endorsements.
  Milk facts
-- list of web pages with information on milk
  Danger in meat -- Why Danger Still Lurks in US Meat by Joby Warrick, Washington Post
  Meat Poisons  -- Americans Don't Know the Poisons in their meat
  Health -- Animals killed for food in the United States in 1998
  Vegan Health -- link : Great synopsis of veganism at
  Carnivore -- Are Human Beings designed to be carnivores?
  HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide-
  Vegan food store, new online: Foodfight Grocery (VEGANLINE) (John Robertson)


Chew on This -- PETA video, 38 Mb
Meat poster -- Poster. Meat is attractive -- if you're a fly
Pacman -- flash presentation
  Meatrix -- flash presentation

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