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Animal Rights Philosophy




  Dozens of articles on speciesism, biology, evolution, and more

Why AR?

  Articles on the reasons we should fight for animals' rights

Animals in Research

  Click icon for hundreds of articles on animal testing in school and business
Religion   Articles on religious doctrine and animal rights
AbuseLinked   Articles on the link between animal abuse and human criminals
Debatable   Articles on animal rights logic, topics of debate, and debating
Legality   Articles on defining what is legal

Animals' Bill of Rights -- Bill of Rights for Animals.
Declaration of AR -- Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. London, 1977.
My Dog or ? -- My Dog or Your Child? Ethical Dilemmas and the Hierarchy of Moral Value.
One Right -- Animal Rights simplified to just one right -- the right not to be treated as property.
History w/Animals -- Humanity’s History with Animals: The Beginnings.
Opinionatedly Yours -- Essays by Barry Kent MacKay.
Peace -- What's So Patriotic About Peace?
Domination -- Sept 2005. Animal Rights and the Philosophy of Domination: "Let's Play Overseer" by Patricia Ross.
Animal Facts -- Animal Rights overview. Facts on using animals for food, clothes, entertainment.
All Animals Are Equal -- ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL by Peter Singer.
Philosophy -- Links to Blogs, Articles, Essays.
Kantian Critique -- A Critique of the Kantian Theory of Indirect Moral Duties to Animals by Jeff Sebo.
Kantian 2 -- The Failure of the Kantian Theory of Indirect Duties to Animals by Heather Fieldhouse.
Rights Don't Exist -- A Libertarian Replies to Tibor Machan's 'Why Animal Rights Don't Exist' by David Graham.
Conservative Support -- Farm Animal Abuse Addressed in Leading Conservative Magazine.
Matthew Scully -- articles about animal rights from leading conservative.
Justify Testing -- Aug 2005. Benefits of animal experiments no longer exist.
What We Eat -- Why, Matthew Scully asks, is cruelty to a puppy appalling and cruelty to livestock by the billions a matter of social indifference?, by George Will.
Caged -- Flash movie from S.A.N.E.
Abortion -- Abortion versus Animal Rights by Ted Altar.
     Veget and Abortion   powerpoint presentation on the logic of the abortion issue
Animal Welfare -- Animal Rights and Animal Welfare: Five Frequently Asked Questions by Gary L. Francione.
Green Fire -- Animal Rights--The Fierce Green Fire? by Greg Brown.
Are You a Terrorist? -- Here's what it takes.
Mainstream? -- Is Animal Rights Now a Mainstream Discussion Topic? by Mark W. Bunch.
Remarks -- Controversial Remarks by AR Journalist . Extensive interview of Merritt Clifton, controversial editor of ANIMAL PEOPLE Response by Professor Gary Francione to some specific statements made by Clifton.
Trash Animals -- What is a Trash Animal?
Defending Agitation -- Defending Agitation and the ALF By Bruce G. Friedrich.
Ill-Gotten Gains -- Ill-Gotten Gains by Tom Regan.
New Abolitionists -- Dr. Steven Best.
ZygonSelf.pdf -- Considering Animals -- Not "Higher Primates", by Marc Bekoff.
Free Speech and Patriotism -- Patriots and Parrots: Imprisoning Tongues in America by Charlotte Laws.

Powerpoint Presentations

AR_FAQs.pps  1.2 Mb Summary of AR philosophy
Summary of the Animal Rights Philosophy  MS Powerpoint presentation, 435 Kb
The Animal Spectrum MS Powerpoint presentation, 838 Kb
History and Ethics of Vivisection MS Powerpoint, 1554 Kb
Animal Experimentation: Law, Morality, Practice MS Powerpoint, 658 Kb
Environmental Ethics MS Powerpoint, 449 Kb
AR Theories MS Powerpoint, 334 Kb
Animal Rights MS Powerpoint, 817 Kb
Care and Use of Animals In Research MS Powerpoint, 2144 Kb
Should You Be An AR Advocate? MS Powerpoint, 449 Kb

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