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The Morality of Animal Rights



  FAQs - Morality -- Animal Rights FAQs # 11-25 (2 pages), plus FAQs regarding Morality
  Speciesism -- Dozen's of articles from the growing body of work breaking down stereotypes about the difference between species
  Biology -- Articles. FAQs, Do Fish Feel Pain?, Consciousness, Insects, Plants, Evolution, more

Articles / websites

  Moral Constraints -- Moral Constraints and Animals by Robert Nozick.
  Morality Test -- The Ability To Be Moral Fails To Show That Humans are More Valuable Than Nonhuman Animals by Bart Gruzalski.
  1st No Pain --
Putting The Alleviation of Suffering First.
 Moral Status -- The Moral Status of Animals, by Martha Nussbaum
 Animals and Ethics -- Internet Philosophy Encyclopedia
Property Status -- An Examination of the Property Status Of Animals By Will Peavy.
  Slavery & Holocaust -- Animals, Slavery, and the Holocaust, by Charles Patterson.
Socrates -- Remember Socrates: Don't Eat Animals by John C. Champagne.
  New Abolitionists -- The New Abolitionism: Capitalism, Slavery and Animal Liberation by Dr. Steven Best.
  Jerry Factor -- Who’s Afraid of Jerry Vlasak? by Dr. Steven Best.
  ALF Manifesto -- Animal Liberation Front Manifesto, by jo swift, March 1, 2005. The New Abolitionism.
Social Justice -- Animal Liberation--the Social Justice Connection by Bruce G. Friedrich.
Right to Die -- Lessons from my pig Winnie, By Sondra S. Crosby. Sentient beings who suffer are worthy of our compassion.
2 Holocausts -- A Tale of Two Holocausts by Karen Davis.
  Hell -- The Theory And Practice Of Hell. Essay on butchering our animal friends.
  Secular Ethics -- Secular Ethics and Animal Rights by Peter D. Wilson.
Unnatural -- An Unnatural Order: Discovering the Roots of our Domination of Nature and Each Other By Jim Mason.
  Rights? -- Do creatures have the same rights that we do? By Joy Williams.
Beyond Might Makes Right -- Beyond Might Makes Right by Matthew Ball and Jack Norris. Plus two essays on expanding your circle of compassion.
Rights -- Rights and Environmental Ethics: An Aside by Tom Regan.
Gap Analysis -- Animal Ethics and the Scientific Study of Animals: Bridging the “Is” and the “Ought” by David Fraser and Rod Preece.
  The Lottery -- by Shirley Jackson. Classic short story leaves a lasting impression of the distinction between what societies deem as "fair" and what is morally "right".
  Circle of Compassion -- Expanding your circle of compassion.
  Caring -- Caring for those outside your circle of compassion, by Jamey West.
 Caged and Cruel.pdf -- RSPCA position on primate testing.



Click to enlarge photo. It was taken in Hindu temple where an abused neglected monkey was seen adopting a stray puppy dog



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