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AR News with intelligent commentary: http://www.anairhoads.org/animal.shtml
Newsletters: North American ALF Press Office
Other resources for AR News:  Bite Back Magazine The Guardian No Compromise Arkangel Abolitionist-online Indy media.  Infoshop.

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Jan '06 -- Farley Mowat updates, pet rescues, Buffalo Hunt, Oxford Protest

Dec '05  -- Wellington NZ protest, Monk parakeet rescue
Nov '05 -- Slip Sliding Campaign vs. HLS, Stuckey Wars, Elephant graveyard
Oct '05 -- Includes Protests, ADL-LA vs. Stuckey, Heather Mills McCartney protest
Sept '05 -- Includes Katrina Rescue and comments, Fur free billboards, Dog Catches Train
Aug '05 -- Includes List of ALF POWs
July '05 -- Includes Colorado University Monkey Shines
June '05 -- Includes SHAC 7, Canadian Law, vivisection in Israel
Ap-May 05 -- Includes Foie Gras, Sea Shepherd, Animal Laughter
Jan-Mar 05 -- Includes news about a tortoise, crows, a fawn, seals, horses, chickens, hounds

Sep-Dec 04 -- Includes hunting, rodeo, ALF, a mystery dog
jn-spt 2004 -- Includes bears, hogs, monkeys, ALF

News Archive -- Includes News items Aug 2001 - May 2004


Liberal Media? -- Is The Media "Liberal"? by Judith Marie Gansen

Liberal Compliment -- "The Liberal Media" Should Be a Compliment to Liberals

Animals Around The World -- "No Speciesism Here"
Many of these photos show relationships between two different species. Such relationships are not unusual. Animals don't have the emotional and cultural hang-ups that humans do, and they let pure heavenly love happen.


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