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What is the ALF?

  Credo -- The very simple ALF Credo and Guidelines -- Who we are, what we do.
  Mission Statement -- The ALF Mission Statement. Details about plans to effectively allocate resources (time and money) to reduce animal suffering in the world. What to do, what not to do.
  ALF Actions -- World-wide. Descriptions of ALF and AR activity, categorized by country.
  ALF Primer -- The ALF Primer -- A guide to direct action and the animal liberation front, third edition. Also a link to the Student Primer.
  Premise & History -- Opinions written about the purpose of ALF, tactics of ALF, summaries of The ALF, and known totals of actions. Articles: State of the Animal Rights Movement by Kim W. Stallwood. The Evolution of the Animal Rights Movement by Kim W. Stallwood. Thirty Years of Direct Action by Noel Molland, Animal Liberation at 30 by Peter Singer. AR timeline -- Important Events in Animal Rights History. Going Mainstream--Proof that rights for animals are making progress.
  Warning -- Those at war against ALF. POWs. Patriot Act. FBI.
  Activist Tips -- Over 30 pages of tips for activists. Literature, Planning, Security, Protection, Self Defense, First Aid, Grand Jury, Your Rights, Videotaping, Scouting, Preparation for the 4 mental phases of being an activist. Articles: The Role of Radical Animal Activists as Information Providers to Consumers by Joshua Frank; Utilitarianism, Animals, and the Problem of Numbers by Stephen Hanson, PhD; Trial By Fire: The SHAC7, Globalization, and the Future of Democracy, by Steven Best, PhD and Richard Kahn. Also ALF POWs.
  Mistakes -- Lessons through mistakes of an ALF member. A couple of pages that every activist who wants to be more effective should read.
  Arkangel Archives -- Articles archived on the Arkangel website.
  memories.pdf -- Memories of Freedom, 38 page Adobe Acrobat .pdf file about ALF, from the Western Wildlife Unit of the Animal Liberation Front
  Terrorists? -- Description of book: Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals by Steven Best, Ph.D. & Anthony J. Nocella, II. Mommy's a What? by Brenda Shoss.
  Mommy's a What? -- By some standards, mommy may be a terrorist, by Barbara Shoss
  Mild Bunch -- March 2006. Are animal rights activists really the obsessive extremists that the media suggests?
  Pushed 2 violence  -- Feb. 2006. Extremists pushed to violence? Mainstream activists disagree
  Life Of Activist -- Feb. 2006. The Life Of An Animal Activist
  Activists Decry Arson -- Feb. 2006. Ecologists disagree on whether legal action will affect the law-abiding members of the movement
  Liberation Study -- Does the ALF carelessly release animals?
  Best--Support -- You Don’t Support the ALF Because Why? by Dr. Steven Best
  ALF Interviews -- Dozens of interviews with ALF activists, supporters, and people of interest to ALF members. Darius Fullmer, Gary Yourofsky, Darren Thurston, Robin Webb, Jani Seppala, Melanie Arnold, Rod Coronado, Andrew Linzey, Steven Wise, Patty Mark, John Feldman, J.P. Goodman, & John Robbins.
  Activist Profiles -- Animal Activists' Profiles, Bios, Interviews
  ELF -- Documents created by the Earth Liberation Front are presented here because their structure is similar to that of ALF (an organization with no official membership).
  AR Militia -- Animal Rights Militia (ARM)

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